The South Chicago Artists


Before his move to Pilsen in 1985, Mendoza had already established his name as an artist from the South Chicago neighborhood.  It’s a neighborhood at the Southeast corner of Chicago, near the lakefront.

The postcard above was for an art show held on Thursday, April 26, 2007, which showcased the work of South Chicago artists.  The portrait he submitted was of his mother, Goyita.  His longtime friend since the 1970s, Roman Villareal, also participated.

Roman was recently given recognition by Mayor Rahm Emanuel for his newest sculpture in Steelworkers Park on the Southeast Side.

His wife is the artist, Maria Villareal.  Maria worked tirelessly with Salvador Vega to create the beautiful Francisco Mendoza alter for the 2012 Dia de Los Muertos event at the National Museum of Mexican Art.  Roman and Maria are part of a group of active artists and sculptors on the Southeast Side who participate in major events in the city, including the 18th Street Pilsen Open Studios.

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